Photo Bulletin – February 2021 – 2
Photo Bulletin – February 2021 – 2

Photo Bulletin – February 2021 – 2

16 Feb 2021 – Our children spent a day at Alag Angle. It was a completely new exposure. There were colors everywhere, sculptures, art and older bhaiyas and didis from completely different background.

21 February 2021 – Contact workshop, February 2021. We celebrated our annual stories in presence of our friends and supporters

23 February 2021 – Our friends Prashant, Sarang, Ankush from Ekalavya paid a visit to Learning Companions! We talked about our shared dream of creating leadership from rural Vidarbha when big educational institutes are accessible only to the youth from cities.

23 February 2021 – The school is where the children are! As a couple of children had to migrate to a nearby place, our teachers got their to check on them and their studies. The class happened in a new place!

27 February 2021 – As we are preparing to close our learning centers for summer, we are hosting some children at our place in turns so their touch with the literary environment continues. Our first student here, Gauri, loves a lot of literary games and book-reading. She is spending 2-3 hours a day with these activities and the rest of the time with everything that goes around.

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