Photo Bulletin – February 2021 – 1
Photo Bulletin – February 2021 – 1

Photo Bulletin – February 2021 – 1

This Picture has the story of resilience and the commitment that every stakeholder has shown in the last week of January. Like every year, the community had to migrate for the fodder. But they decided to leave their children and a few women behind with a lot of trust in our fellows. Our fellows decided to not leave the center even on Saturdays and Sundays for the whole month so the families could leave their children and women behind. Children themselves insisted on their families to let their school continue.

01 February 2021 –  Knowing our work with Bharwad community, Mr. Jakhra Rabbari from the nomadic Rabbari community visited us and showed willingness to contribute every way possible if we extend our work to the Rabbari community too.

01 February 2021 – A delightful music night with Kavish, Parvinder, Azeem, Gursharan, Abhishek and Flute brothers!

03 February 2021 – Our fellows Meena and Vishal interacted with the first cohort of fellows from our sister organization Sneha Charitable Trust, Bengaluru!

06 February 2021 –  Students took part in the weekly sharings of our fellows as observers and shared later what they heard and understood in the meeting. 

07 February 2021 – Members of AVART Parivar, Nagpur visited our Sonkhamb school and spent time with our children.

08 February 2021 – We launched the selection process for our 3rd cohort of Learning Companions Fellowship

13 February 2021 – Champions of work from Nagpur showed a lot of love to come together to listen to our work more deeply and think about how we can develop an ecosystem of support for different efforts of development happening across Nagpur


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