Learning Companions


Making sure than every child gets access to quality education is an enormous task. If we want to make it possible for even a fraction of children, we need to work together, help each other, to make sure that each one of have best resources available to address this problem. It was due to a lot of other pioneering organizations that we have some good resources to help our children better. We want to continue this chain of support and open the resources that we have for other organizations that might be benefitted with these resources. Please feel free to use any of these resources according to your need.

Learning/Classroom Resources

This page includes a collection of Marathi and Hindi nursery rhymes, poems, coloring worksheets, activity books, foundational literacy and numeracy worksheets and assessment templates. Each link includes a pdf or word document. Simply open the links and take printouts/share pdf of what is useful to you. None of the material here is being used for commercial purpose. Please reach out to us at learningcompanions2018@gmail.com if any of the material attached here belongs to you and if you do not wish to allow us for non-commercial reprint.

Monitoring and evaluation resources

At Learning Companions, recently we have received a few requests to share M&E resources that we use at Learning Companions. Hence we are realizing that multiple people need these resources and it might be helpful if they are openly and easily accessible. We are providing here the links to different M&E structures that we use at Learning Companions. Please feel free to download and use them according to your convenience. Write to us at learningcompanions2018@gmail.com if you have any questions or if you want to discuss these structures. Also please reach out to us if you have feedback for us on any of these documents/structures. A lot of gratitude and credit to Teach for IndiaTFIxKhelghar – PalakNeetiSlum Soccer, and Bhumi from whom we have adopted these resources. A big shoutout and gratitude to these amazing people, Neha Rathi, Alpana Mallik, Nalika Briganza, Sakshi Shrivastav, Vaishnavi Srinivasan, Abhijeet Barse, Shubhada Joshi and many others who have either guided us through the entire process, given valuable feedback, or openly shared their own resources.