Vikram learned to read
Vikram learned to read

Vikram learned to read

“We leave our homes every summer,” Vikram said as he looked at the cow, “Wandering around in search of fodder, taking on the responsibility of caring for the cows, and so many other reasons had stopped my studies, so I was constantly feeling that there was something missing in my life.” But constant migration has also helped me make some good friends who have inspired me to study. A friend gave me some books as a gift. I was very happy to have them.

I kept those books even if I couldn’t read. I used to go to the forest to take our cows for grazing. I kept the books in the trunk of a tree so I wouldn’t have to carry them every day. Whenever the cows were grazing and I had free time, I would sit down with a book. I used to enjoy seeing letters and some pictures, but I also used to feel sad that I couldn’t read despite having a book.

But it changed when a learning space started at our hamlet. Vishal bhaiya used to teach every day to the young kids from our community. So I approached Vishal bhaiya and asked him if he can teach reading to me too. He agreed and every day in the evening after finishing my work he helped me learn to read.

Now I am able to read and it is very exciting for me. Now I am able to experience how fun the world of books is. Meanwhile, Vishal bhaiya taught me also to read and write English words and alphabets. Now when I send messages to my friends in English, they are surprised. They ask, “Hey! How did you learn this?” I feel very happy to hear such reactions from my friends.  Now I have a lot more to learn, for myself and for my whole family.

Vishal Timande


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