The community built a house for our fellows

Since the beginning, we have been conscious that we should encourage the community to contribute to our efforts wherever possible. This helps to increase the sense of ownership in the community towards our efforts.

Bharwads are a nomadic tribe in India, some of whom are settled in small hamlets around Nagpur city. We started a small learning center for children from the community as a combined effort of the community and Learning Companions. Our fellows decided to stay at the hamlet itself so that more time could be spent with the children and the community. We decided to build a shelter very much the same as the ones the families build for themselves so that we wouldn’t look different from the community, it will cost less and the community members themselves could help us in the building it. Excited about our idea 4-5 young boys, a couple of women and adults, along with the fellows, came forward and built a hutment for the fellows to stay.

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