भरवाड़ समाज स्थानांतरण विशेषांक
भरवाड़ समाज स्थानांतरण विशेषांक


  1. Meru Gokul Bharwad

    Bharwad samaj stalantervisesank dwara Pat’s to hai ki ye Jo bharwad samaj jati hai. Ye Gujrat se be long karti hai per abhi tak Maharashtra me inko unka jati certificate nahi Mila hai to app sab samaj ke agrani milke is mude ko agee protsahit karege ye hi hamari air samaj ke logo ki iccha hai

  2. Ninad Kunte

    Hardworking youth of LC under the guidance of Ganesh are really doing a great job of not just uplifting the Bharwad community through education but also becoming their voice.

    Since its one of the most hard-working community on the verge of loosing its identity it becomes a greater duty of our generation to give them their due credit & respect.
    So if I may suggest, LC fellows should make a short documentry as their project to portray the life struggles & challenges which would raise awareness about the community.
    Much respect and more power to you guys 🙏

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