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Learning Companions Fellowship

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About us

At Learning Companions we are working to create education leaders who work to create effective, engaging and inclusive learning spaces for children from marginalized communities. Our mission is to transform the education landscape of Nagpur city and district in the next 10 years by creating about 150 education leaders through ‘Learning Companions Fellowship’ and supporting and collaborating with another 150 education leaders at different levels in schools, NGOs, government or private spaces. Through this movement, we aim to reach about 20,000 children and develop a generation of learners who are aware of their interests, values and develop a set of skills that will enable them to pursue their passion.

In the process, we will help passionate and talented fresh graduates from Nagpur to develop the set of 21st century skills necessary for solving complex social problems and leading the people and change for creating impact in the education sector. It will enable the youth to find best opportunities for work and create a proud, satisfying career. Being part of learning companions means developing most relevant skills and opening the doors of opportunities for a brighter future while contributing to a meaningful social cause.

About Fellowship

As a fellow, you will be responsible for driving systemic change towards educational equity in learning spaces by inspiring and skilling children, parents, teachers and school administration. As a fellow you will be facilitating a community learning space/classroom, interacting with different stakeholders and maintaining necessary documentation.

As a fellow, you will get an opportunity to closely understand the challenges in the education system, know about over 200-300 organizations working in the education sector, work with a group of young, like-minded people, and learn a set of skills that will make you ready for any challenge or any job.

Who do we look for

We are looking for individuals who are passionate about education, who are collaborative, humble, creative, who have strong interpersonal skills, who are critical thinkers and like to work on complex problems. 

See us in action here to understand our work in more detail.

Role and responsibilities

  1. Teach in a classroom
  2. Prepare effective and engaging lesson plans and learning experiences for you student
  3. Prepare vision of excellent education for your students
  4. Interact with the parents, other teachers, school administration and other stakeholders to understand the challenges related to education and work on those challenges
  5. Study given text and audio-visual material, attend workshops, webinar and complete given assignments to learn to be a excellent leader and teacher
  6. Identify opportunities and ways to inspire your students, their parents and other stakeholders to excel at their responsibilities
  7. Maintain documentation (attendance, student assessments, activities documentation etc.) necessary to track progress of the student and your own

Why should you apply for learning companions?

  1. It is not a ‘job’, but actually an intensive two year learning journey that will prepare you to be a leader, a person with enough mastery on problem solving, creativity, collaboration and communication skills that you will experience clarity and confidence to find unlimited opportunities of creating a meaningful and proud life and livelihood not just for yourself for but many around you.
  2. Access to a large network of organizations across Maharashtra, India and around the globe
  3. A teaching/learning, program management and leadership curriculum that is informed by the alumni of the best universities and state-of-the-art pedagogical practices around the world, which will give you a qualification equivalent to some of the best Masters programs in India.
  4. Opportunity to work with a group of very vibrant, young, energetic and like-minded people

Selection criteria

  1. Passionate about education and working with children
  2. Good command over Hindi/Marathi and English
  3. Willingness to stay with the community, in challenging environment
  4. Age limit – 21-28 years
  5. Basic knowledge of office tools (MS Word, Excel)

Selection process

The selection process will have 3 stages: 

  1. You will require to fill up the online form given below and submit it on or before 14th August 2021.
  2. Selected candidates will be called for a telephonic interview.
  3. Candidates selected through the telephonic interview will be given some tasks to test their skills for the fellowship. Final candidates will be selected based on performance during these tasks.

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Contact in case of any doubts!

Mail – learningcompanions2018@gmail.com

Phone – Vishal: +91 9511695269; Meena: +91 9130830227