Learning Companions Fellowship

Applications are closed for year 2020-2021. If you are interested in our work, please reach out to us at 

Though we had a direction and some plans in our head, we cautiously started our first batch, not sure of where and how it will go. After a year of the journey, we have a database shaping up just as we dreamt; meticulous documentation of every aspect of the work; well tested and effective tools of planning, training, follow-up, and monitoring; immense applause from our friends, and a lot of admiration and strong belief in our approach from the new sister organizations. This has given us immense confidence both in our strengths and utility. So we are ready for the 2nd round of ‘Learning Companions Fellowship’ with plans of a bigger scale and scope, more capabilities, passion, and energy.

About us

We partner with different schools and other educational spaces to initiate the process of making classrooms/learning spaces more engaging and effective.

We are working on 4 fronts:
  • Collecting, creating, testing, and documenting a database of good learning activities, which will be available as an ‘open to use’ online resource, in the native language
  • Running training workshops for teachers/facilitators to increase their understanding of how to use these resources, ideas, how to create teaching aids, and how to make their classrooms more engaging and effective
  • Developing tools and structures for effective follow-up of these training, and to create long-term support systems to help the schools/other organizations to upgrade on the other aspects of creating better learning spaces
  • Working on different research and development themes necessary to create a strong knowledge base for the above programs.

Still not clear about what we do? See us in action here to understand in detail.

Who are we looking for?

  • Passionate about education and working with children
  • Good command over English and Hindi/Marathi
  • Proven writing, documentation skills
  • Basic knowledge of office tools (MS Word, Excel)
  • Willingness and interest in learning to make small YouTube videos
  • Aptitude for data-analytic skills
  • Interested to live in a very simple arrangement, but very beautiful and energetic school campus
  • Age limit: 21-28

Role and responsibilities

As a ‘Learning Companions’ fellow, you are expected to develop mastery in certain leadership, communication, and documentation skills.  These skills are expected to enable you to become a changemaker, who can help in the process of transforming classrooms, learning spaces or schools. The key set of skills include:​

  • Being able to communicate with different stakeholders, including teachers, children, parents, school administration, other organizations
  • Being able to identify the needs and challenges of a community and engage the members of the community in the process of defining their own objectives, plan of change
  • Understanding and using the data for effective action plans, as well as for monitoring and evaluation
  • Effective oral and written articulation
  • Effective use of office tools (MS Excel, word)
  • Video editing (for small YouTube videos)

Why should you apply for Learning Companions Fellowship

  • We have acclaimed expertise and ease at:
    • creating content for creative and engaging learning spaces
    • training teachers and schools for developing such spaces
    • tools for effective presentation of ideas
    • tools for effective planning, follow-up, and monitoring
    • research and documentation

LCF being a ‘fellowship program’, the whole process is designed to directly engage you in the tasks that will help you learn these skills.  

  • The vision of the organization is very well-defined, whereas the short-term objectives are more open-ended and built upon the capabilities and interests of our fellows. Hence, you will have immense opportunities and freedom to express yourself and your skills.
  • You will get an opportunity to work with a very vibrant, young, energetic and like-minded group of people
  • We are connected with major organizations in the education sector throughout India. This will give you an opportunity to connect with a large network of like-minded people and organizations
  • You will get to live on the amazing campus of ‘Abhyuday Global Village School’, surrounded by the beauty of Pench National Park and a bunch of very energetic and lovely kids. Have a glimpse of the school campus here!
  • You will not feel the need to go around searching for the beauty of nature, the meaning of life or a sense of belonging because it is all here!


Selected candidates will receive a monthly honorarium of 8,000-15,000 depending on the level of skills and contribution. The honorarium will be reviewed after 6 months if the expected skill level and performance is achieved.

Selection process

The second batch of learning companions will comprise of 6 fellows. 2 of these 6 fellows are already selected through different channels. So, during this selection process, we are looking for 4 new candidates. The selection process will have 3 stages: 

  1. You will require to fill up the online form given below and submit it on or before 30th January 2020.
  2. Selected candidates will be called for an in-person interview.
  3. Candidates selected through the interview round will be called to attend a week-long orientation cum selection workshop. Candidates will require to complete different tasks and attend sessions during this period. Final candidates will be selected based on performance during this orientation workshop.

Contact in case of any doubts

Mail – learningcompanions2018@gmail.com

Phone – Rahul: +91 8856917044; Nakul: +91 7020368443