Learning Companions
About us

About us

The challenge

There are 27% of India’s youth between age 15-29 who fall in the ‘Not in Education, Employed or Training’ (NEET) category. It means that during the school years most of them are not able to find out what to do in their life. The problem is that the classrooms/learning spaces are not effective, engaging, and inclusive enough to prepare the children for the future. They are not able to make the children independent, skillful, and resourceful enough to prepare themselves well for the life, for a job or for any other kind of livelihood. Why are the classrooms/learning spaces not effective, engaging, and inclusive enough? Because the teachers are not creative and skillful enough. Because the design of the classroom and syllabus is hugely based on the rote learning approach. Because the teachers are not trained well.

We believe that more committed and resourceful people in higher levels of leadership will be able to push for better content and syllabus, push the teachers to be more creative. More resourceful teachers will be able to create more engaging and effective learning experiences. A more skillful and resourceful school administration will be able to create a learning environment that is more inclusive and engaging. So what we need is the leaders at different levels who have a better understanding of contextual needs, motivation, and efficiency. This is what the Learning Companions is working for.


Every child will be self aware, equipped to pursue their passion and lead a successful and happy life for themselves and the community

Theory of change 

Short-term – Aspiring education leaders get the first-hand experience of creating effective, engaging, and inclusive learning experiences, working in the present school system especially in low-income communities, and understand what are the challenges to create such learning experiences. Also, they are able to identify and explore their role in the larger movement and identify and develop a set of skills and mindset that are required for their role.

Long term – Fellows will be part a movement of educators who will be working in cooperation with each other to create learning spaces that will equip the children to find their passion and lead to a happy and successful life